Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Farve on the ground. farve on the ground. Nice sign at superdome. #
  • Farves chest has imprint of Darren sharper on it. #
  • Reggie bush playing like a crazed dog. #
  • AP returns fumble favor to bush. Saints lucky! #
  • Someone please invent 1st down marker that stretches across field so players can see it. Would improve the game. #
  • Never seen a player in slow motion replay look like it was live motion. ap did after fumble. Cat quick #
  • Give farve a red jersey so he can't get hit. Joe buck. A lift and drive into ground is a form tackle moron. #
  • Farve on da ground #
  • Saint db gotta make pick when hits him in numbers. Bad things happen later if not. #
  • Fumbleidis infects vikes. That's a shame lol #
  • RT @Flynnie19 Hahaha RT @TheTeditorial Does Adrian Peterson have children and if so, is he allowed to hold them? in reply to Flynnie19 #
  • No way vikes should still b in this game as many fumbles as they've had. Still here tho. #
  • Unless vikes fumble they will win with a freaking field goal $;(& #
  • Like to see a pick 6 by farve here. Best ending ever to a pick filled career. #
  • Nice throw legend. Lol #
  • Like aikman but have developed a deep hatred for Joe Buck over course of this game. #
  • Kicker did not choke. Love it. #
  • Drew brees deserves a shot at super bowl. Good for him. #
  • Vikings may have messed with karma last week when they ran it up on cowboys. #
  • RT @davidpollack47: My TV goes off at the 1st reporter that dares to ask Favre if this is his finally game, and the remote is going thru it. #
  • Don't care about offense next football season. Wishing for better tiger defense. 3-0 games sound good to me. #
  • Conference championship games are more memorable than most superbowls #
  • Worst I ever felt 4 a player in conference champship game was Ernest byners fumble vs Denver #
  • Guy beside me in school pick up line playing "in the air 2nite" a little too loud. Waitin on air drums #
  • Colts protect manning and they win super bowl. Kinda pulling 4 saints tho. #
  • Headed to my 1st wrestling match that does not involve chairs to the head. I Think that's illegal anyway #
  • Senior night in commerce wrestling. Starting in a few. #
  • RT @TheBuzzShow #TheBuzzShow Day-1 QOTD – "Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience" in reply to TheBuzzShow #
  • most recent UFC ppv on spike tonight. Penn v sanchez. #
  • Dusting of snow. Not much here in maysville. #
  • Tiger woods is even gettin clowned on Ms America pageant. #

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