Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10

  • NFL playoffs start next week. Take note NCAA. This is how a champion is determined. Not rocket science. #
  • Uga will not be getting Kirby smart from bama. Better look elsewhere. Better players would help. 😉 #
  • Finally an undefeated small school gets bcs recognition. Lol Or 2 go undefeated & have to play each other in meaninglss game. Not intrestd #
  • How is around the horn still on espn? #
  • Home made snow in center ga. Pictures when I get home. #
  • D:CarraRiley got a link to Dennis Lynn audio interview? Thnx #
  • finished this website for a customer . Place to buy, sell, trade textbooks & other books. #
  • Just so folks know. Ain't no such thing as a college football championship. Need playoffs #
  • Mac brown is proponent for playoffs. Money where mouth is. Have Longhorns not come out for the game . Would be Man of Century #
  • I'm an espn hater but the 30 for 30 documentaries are great. #
  • Note to athletes with $100 mil contracts. Act rite. Gil arenas could wind up like Vick. #
  • Chance mcclure wrestling tomorrow at cms. Kid is good. Check it out. #
  • checking out gym dogs today. Pretty fun but once per year is about all I care to see em #
  • Gym dogs meet. Good so far. Nice intros. Legit Sellout #
  • Please stop doing the wave at sporting events. #
  • Use vick as a wild qb and eagles are dangerous. Scrap that wildcat junk. #
  • Romo about to remove choke artist from resume. #

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